The clock never started! So Heidemann had more than one second to land the winning touch. At the very least, whether she landed it in time was highly in doubt. The match should have continued into another round, but instead Shin was declared the loser. So South Korea’s coach went to the judges.

Despite the clock issue, they ruled that the touch was good and that Heidemann was the victor. South Korea’s coach went off to file a formal appeal.

And Shin A Lam, now in tears, refused to live the piste (the platform that they fence on). In fencing, leaving the piste means that you have officially accepted the judges’ ruling. And seeing as the clock didn’t start, and she should still have a shot at gold, she sat down. It’s the filibuster of fencing.

Today’s most depressing Olympic event

aw jesus…

fucking judges need to get their bribed asses out of the games. 3 fucking judging mistakes in 3 days. UGLY OLYMPICS. 

seriously ugh london olympics have been pissing me off since days ago. why you gotta pick on south korea like that…

She actually should have advanced, no extra round. She was awarded priority earlier…

In the Olympics I’m usually ALL USA/Taiwan/China but SK was fucken screwed over. I feel awful and sick for this girl. 

fuck the police.

they always pick on south korea ugh

That’s so fucking unfair. omfg what the hell

Judo and Swim got effed over as well. What the hell.

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